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So Valentines Day is officially less than 3 days away.  We are bombarded with so much information and what to buy that I can’t wrap my head around it.  To be honest, I don’t find Valentines Day romantic at all.  The restaurants are super busy.  You get the worst service and have to endure a lot of noise and frustration.  It’s just not my idea of romance.  

With that being said, I do find it amusing and inspiring to read articles related to “love”, “how to make a man happy”, “Make Every Man Want You”, ” A Girl’s Guide to Pleasing Every Man”.  Gone are the good old days when “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” especially since my husband absolutely does not like my cooking.

According to experts, what makes a man want you is longing for you.  It is actually the on again, off again relationship that they crave.  They don’t love steady.  They don’t want to be tied down.  They want space.  So my suggestion: Just Say No.   Leave the man and hit the clubs with your girlfriends. It is way more fun, adventurous, and as a bonus, your man will long for you!!!! 


I started this blog because I love to share stories. I am always seeking adventure. My goal is to inspire my readers. I love to share ideas and hope to get feedback from all of you. What I know for sure is that I love way too many things. I change my mind quite often and I live to try new experiences.

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