Seductive Power of Deserts

Martha's Country Bakery

Everyone needs a night out on town with their close friends, whether it’s to celebrate, share news, gossip, or just catch up.
My friends and I all work, by the time we get home from a long commute, clean up, get ready, it’s past 10 pm. So we need to get creative with the places we go.  I am not so picky when it comes to where we go, my one and only rule is that it has to be somewhere I’ve never been before.  The experience of being in a new setting, trying a new dish, and the novelty of it is extremely seductive.

Last week we ended up at Martha’s Bakery in Bayside, NY.  It’s a small cafe.  It’s very clean and the set up is beautiful.  As you walk in, the smell of the baked goods automatically changes your mood.  They are open till midnight and the crowd keeps coming.  The staff was friendly and the desert were awesome.  Even if you are on a diet or need to watch your sugar intake, you can still have a great experience trying one of their coffees.

The cappuccino was a  work of art!  The lattes were amazing.  The pastries were so fresh and delicious.  Everything is so rich that you will want to take your time and savor every bite. You will definitely be pleased.

Please leave me comments.  Do you have a favorite place where you get together.  If so, let me know.


I started this blog because I love to share stories. I am always seeking adventure. My goal is to inspire my readers. I love to share ideas and hope to get feedback from all of you. What I know for sure is that I love way too many things. I change my mind quite often and I live to try new experiences.

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2 comments on “Seductive Power of Deserts
  1. DiZecca says:

    Have you tried the pies there? YUM!

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