How to survive the holidays when the in-laws visit: the sexy, crazy way

Holidays are stressful on everyone.  It is hard to plan.  It is difficult to be on a different schedule and your entire routine gets disrupted. In addition to that, at some point the in-laws (or should I call them the out-laws) either come over for a visit.  There are times when you don’t have a choice or say in this matter.  I recently had some visitors, surprised ones, during the holiday break and as usual I’m not prepared.  It is not an understatement to say I had nothing to feed them except a box of matza ball soup and tea, which is a terrible idea.  Seriously, I don’t even know how that happened since I had gone to the grocery store that morning and purchased $70 worth of groceries which doesn’t mean much in NY.  Well, things were not going well.  I had a number of reviews to publish and I kept getting interrupted, at which point I had my light bulb moment.  I decided to give everyone a complete facial which saved the day.  I took before and after photos as well which made them so excited.  The best part was recommending that they keep the masks on for at least an hour instead of the recommended twenty minutes, which gave me an extra half hour of peace and quiet.

We started with Derm Organic facial wash which is all natural and great for all skin types.  Then we proceeded with the masks. I put different face masks on each of my guests.  I used the following:  kollagen 24 karat gold serum mask, kiehl’s rate earth pore cleansing mask, and ashieda face mask.

Results:  all my guests felt rejuvenated and happy at the end.  They were all happy with the results.  The Kollagen 24 karat gold mask was great in tightening the skin, perfect for my mother in law, the kiehl’s was used on my niece who has acne prone sensitive skin, and the Ashieda was used to provide a healthier glow to my cousins’s face, who has combination skin.  I use a lot of at home diy face masks and I don’t see the same results as the ones obtained by these three products.  I highly recommend all three for their specific skin types.  I always recommend the Derm Organic products for all skin/ hair types as well.


I started this blog because I love to share stories. I am always seeking adventure. My goal is to inspire my readers. I love to share ideas and hope to get feedback from all of you. What I know for sure is that I love way too many things. I change my mind quite often and I live to try new experiences.

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