Toms Shoe Review

Lately the weather got really warm and I can’t wear my UGGs anymore because people were starting to look at me. Luckily I had a little extra money to spend on myself (just so you know, that is very rare because I spent all my money on gas for my car that uses too much gas!). But anyhow I walked into Nordstrom and brought myself a pair of Toms. At first I looked at the price and thought to myself that I would rather spend that money on something else. The saleslady told me that one Toms sold is one pair of shoe brought for another kid. I felt so excited that I bought a pair without hesitating. The shoe by itself is really comfortable and stylish. But the downside is that the shoe stretches out and gets dirty. Other than that it was an amazing purchase and that I look foward into buying a healed Tom. I think that Toms logo or moto is really cool and unique and that I even bought another pair a month later. 

My first pair 


My second pair 


After I bought the first pair my boyfriend thought I was being crazy and then after I got the second pair, he went out and got himself a pair too! Lol.

Reviewed By GSzK

I started this blog because I love to share stories. I am always seeking adventure. My goal is to inspire my readers. I love to share ideas and hope to get feedback from all of you. What I know for sure is that I love way too many things. I change my mind quite often and I live to try new experiences.

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