Aztec’s Super-foods….. CHIA SEEDS!!!!!

Lately I’ve trying to lose weight and one of my friends told me that I should eat and drink Chia seeds. Let me tell you about these little seeds they taste like nothing, but you will feel it and kinda chew on it. They feel a little gummy, after awhile you don’t care that you are swallowing them. You’re not choking on them, that I know for sure. Chia seeds are little seeds from the Chia plant also known as the Saliva Hispanica plant. The plant is commonly grown in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico. My friend also says that now Australia is one of the biggest producer of Shia seeds.These seeds may be eaten raw, you can also grind them and add them to your baked goods as well, also you can drink them by adding to your tea, water or any flavored drink. These seeds are high and rich in omega- 3 fatty acids which is good for those who may have heart problems. Not to mention but Chia seeds also include antioxidants and amino acids, which is impressively good for you, coming from the Aztecs generation (no offense).


This is the pack of Chia seeds my friend gave me.ImageImage


You can not really see them in my tea but you can in my water….Image


The Chia seeds are really good for people who have diabetes, heart problems, great for lowering blood sugar levels, and great source of fibers for those who are using Chia seeds for their diet!


Reviewed By: GSzK

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