My Favorite Chocolate review, hint hint it starts with a G!

I know that this is more like a beauty blog but I needed to write about my favorite chocolate, which by the way I am eating now. Be ready it’s called Godiva!!!!!!! Last night my neighbor came over and got my whole family boxes of chocolate. Anyone knows that my whole family loves chocolate and especially my mom (who is madly in love with dark chocolate). One time my neighbor went to Chicago and got my mom the darkest chocolate on planet Earth and she was so happy. But anyway… I always have family over so (it’s a Persian thing) , when he brought the chocolates for my family, they immediately attacked him and garbled the chocolate (surprisingly he came prepared). When my guy friend and I shared the box of chocolate, the thought came to me to write a review. Too bad I could not take my own picture. So these are the boxes that my neighbor got for the whole family. Legit.


 He got 6 boxes of these (the Signature Chocolate Truffles Gift Box), for the littlest cousins. However I wanted to take a picture of them eating this but they finished it within 2 minutes and when there was one more box left over they all fought over for this. It was really funny and cute. In this box there was one piece of Salted Carmel, one Hazelnut Crunch, one Milk Chocolate Truffle, and one Dark Chocolate Truffle. Each box was only $10.00 at first I screamed at him hoping to know how he paid for all of this, he remained silent. 

Next for my aunts, uncles and my parents… I have 4 aunts and 4 uncles and he got a box of chocolate for them per a couple. This is what he got them.


This is the Milk Chocolate Gift Box from Godiva. They all loved it and fed it to each other so romantically. In fact they thought that neighbor was trying to get something from them, possibly money (just kidding). Clearly, my family is very old fashioned and funny when they felt as if something was going to happen. Furthermore this box had some ups and down with the chocolates. This box included one piece of the Coffee Feather, one Milk Carmel Embrace (which was everyone’s favorite), two pieces of Milk Chocolate Truffle, three pieces of Milk Demitasse, one piece of Almond Crunch, one Almond Praline Raindrop, one Cinnamon Blush, one Smooth Coconut Truffle, two Milk Ganache Bliss, one Milk Lion of Belgium, one Milk Praline Heart, one Open Oyster, one Pecan Caramel Duet, one Pecan Crunch, one Praline Crescent, one Roasted Almond Truffle, and one Whole Almond Praline. I know that is a lot and I only got comments on some of the chocolates. The ones they did not like was the Pecan Crunch, the Cinnamon Blush and the Smooth Coconut Truffle. Other than that they all loved it. 

Now for me, my neighbor was very generous… 

This is what he got me


He got me the Chocolate Celebration Gift Basket when I looked it up it was $85.00, it was huge and I could not even eat it nor describe it! Instead I hung it up on top of the fridge and if anyone ask, it was one of the prettiest gifts (and I am hoping that my other friends will be inspired to buy me nice and big gifts!) Still to this day I still do not know how much he spent in all. 



I started this blog because I love to share stories. I am always seeking adventure. My goal is to inspire my readers. I love to share ideas and hope to get feedback from all of you. What I know for sure is that I love way too many things. I change my mind quite often and I live to try new experiences.

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