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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You?… We Are Being Legit gals

When you enter high school, a party, a new workplace or any other place we sometimes like a guy instantly and all we do is wonder if he likes us back. And in most cases I would start to plan

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Self-Love Revolution

I am inviting all of you, my loyal readers to join me on a journey to self-love and self-discovery.  Now, you might be a bit skeptical and call me narcissistic but I believe love is something that we have inside

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The Most Memorable Love Quote

And it’s wrong. Seriously? Doesn’t matter  who you are,  because this is soooooooooo not true.  Love means always having to say you’re sorry, even when you’re NOT!!!!!! Leave me your comments, would love to hear from you.  Do you have

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Pretend Everyone Loves You!!

Well hello there!! Well, it’s February, less than two days before Valentine’s Day.  Let’s talk about temptations!!  Like most of you, I needed to know the secrets of temptations.  So I did a bit of research, and here’s what I

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Seductive Power

If there is one book that’s been most helpful to me in this field, it’s been Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction .   According to Robert Greene, we don’t need to be the most beautiful in order to be the most seductive. What we

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Where to Meet Eligible Rich Bachelors

The Westminster Dog Show is one of the best ways to meet eligible, wealthy men. After finding out that my friend was going to attend the show, I begged him for details, pictures, basically any info he could give me.

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Sexy Crazy Life

So Valentines Day is officially less than 3 days away.  We are bombarded with so much information and what to buy that I can’t wrap my head around it.  To be honest, I don’t find Valentines Day romantic at all.

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